​Communicating adaptation and building the business case

There are many challenges in getting adaptation on the corporate agenda. But participants at our first Adaptation Learning Exchange workshop have already demonstrated leadership and gained senior management buy-in to participate in the mentoring programme. That’s an important job done!

The theme of the first Adaptation Learning Exchange workshop was communicating adaptation and building the business case. The diversity of expertise at the workshop – from risk management and business continuity planning to climate change and sustainability strategy – enabled participants to begin to look in more detail at techniques to communicate adaptation to a range of stakeholders.

The key messages were most definitely “understand people’s values, find out what motivates them and use this to demonstrate how adaptation can help them” and “piggy-back on existing opportunities and planned maintenance to incorporate adaptation-related actions”. In short, “be sleekit”!

The workshop allowed participants to meet each other for the first time as a group, to find out about each other’s aspirations and to make initial connections. We also gathered important information to help tailor the rest of the programme, with the second and third workshops to be held on Friday 12th September and a date in October 2014.

The workshop was attended by representatives from each of the 10 participating organisations. We were also joined by Victoria Barby, Project Director for Scotland’s 2020 Climate Group and Duncan Booker, Sustainable Glasgow Manager.

Project downloads
2014_ALEWorkshop_1_report.pdf(PDF format - 852.83 KB)
2014_ALE_Workshop1_presentation.pdf(PDF format - 5,679.97 KB)

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